Cheria Sunshine
Destiny's Disguise
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Female
Age 49
Hair Color Cherry Blossom Pink
Eye Color Sky Blue
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Sentient
Paragon "Cisternal Inventory"
Professional Status
Faction Neutral
Rank N/A
Primary Weapon(s) N/A
Special/Unique Weapon(s) Amaranth Key
Melee Weapon(s) N/A
Universe Information
Character ID #006
Creator ERG Sunshine

Cisternal InventoryEdit

Cheria's paragon allows her to store objects in the cisternal plane, occupying the same four-dimensional space as her soul. This makes disarming her impossible by normal means, as at any given time she can keep a decent arsenal in her soul mass, completely undetectable by man and machine.

Amaranth Key Edit

Amaranth Key is an anathemine combat knife once belonging to Evelyn Sapphire. The blade has a permanently active instance of Evelyn's paragon on it, allowing Cheria to access the energy of any being she attacks with it. She uses Amaranth Key as an extension of her own paragon, as it allows her to access the Cisternal Inventories of other beings and transfer items of value to herself. Cheria often combines Amaranth Key and Cisternal Inventory to disguise herself instantly or even steal copies of the spells her enemies have learned.

Cheria Sunshine was created by ERG Sunshine.

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