Eldruin Falcon
the Starkiller
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Male
Age 24
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Force
Paragon "Soul Swipe"
Professional Status
Faction Terran Defense Coalition
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) Heavy weapons
Special/Unique Weapon(s) None
Melee Weapon(s) Battleaxe
Universe Information
Character ID #049
Creator ERG Sunshine and ERG Grimoire

Eldruin Falcon fights alongside Kisaris, Talaya, Schnee, Trista and Hikaru against the Anathema and the Inquisition. He is renowned as a fearsome warrior and revered as a legend for his valiant tasks on the surface, destroying unspeakably powerful anathema with his paragon and earning himself the title of "Starkiller."

Soul Swipe Edit

Eldruin's paragon allows him to temporarily steal the energy of another creature's soul, giving him access to all of the target's magical abilities. He often uses this power against higher-tier anathema, either to destroy them near-instantly or erase an incredible amount of enemies from the battlefield.

The only immediate drawback to Soul Swipe is that Eldruin must be able to handle and properly control the power he steals, else he risks draining his own energy and leaving himself vulnerable directly beside his dangerous adversary. To avoid this, he tends to expel the energy as soon as he acquires it, sometimes inaccurately.

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