Energy, Light and Dark, is the source of all magical power in the universe. The combinations of light and dark energy that makes up living souls are the basis of both Magical Paradigms and Magical Paragons, and are why souls are seen as 'arcane fingerprints', as no two are the same. Light energy is the embodiment of raw power and dark energy represents sentience and control over that power. Light and dark energy is also believed by some to be the source of all power and sentience within the known universe.

Light Energy Edit

Broadly defined, light energy is as a flame or power that burns or exists without a source, for no reason at all; self-sustaining limitless power; Energy.

Light energy is the essence and representation of pure power and life. No soul can live without some about of light energy acting as the soul's life force. In other words, it is not possible to have an entirely dark soul. However, a soul can be entirely light. Greater amounts of light energy in a soul makes a creature more powerful at the potential cost of sentience, depending on how much dark energy is also present in the soul. Beings with great amounts of light energy without sufficient dark energy to control its power may lose their sentience and all control over their abilities.

Dark Energy Edit

Broadly defined, dark energy is defined as an unstoppable lust for knowledge and control over everything and anything; aspirations; generating infinite possibilities.

It is the essence and physical representation of sentience and volition, capacity for knowledge and complex emotions. Only the souls of more complex forms can possess dark energy, primarily ascended monsters and Humanity. Greater amounts of dark energy in a soul makes a creature more aware and conscious of their power, and gives them a greater potential understanding and ability to control the life or power granted by whatever presence of light energy exists in that soul.

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