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The Story of Harmony takes place across three main eras, spanning in time from the years 2011-2073, then Year Zero to the present. The three eras in order are referred to as Incursion (2011-2073), The New Frontier (0 - 72) and Revolution (72 - 109). 

The Incursion Era Edit

Beginning in 2011 and ending in 2073, the Incursion Era encompasses the events of the Terran Incursion, a full-scale extraterrestrial invasion that threatened the extinction of humanity. Aliens possessing supernatural powers, dubbed the Anathema, overwhelmed humanity and forced its population into an underground existence. Only once Kisaris Amaranth and the other sorcerers were born and united could Earth's united army have a fighting chance against their invaders. Despite an inquisition rising against them, the Anatheman Matriarch was eventually defeated and humans could return to the surface.

The New Frontier Edit

The New Frontier follows humanity’s return to the surface and the period of anarchy that proceded. After the Incursion, the year was set back to zero; the beginning of a new era in human history. The new Earth, forever changed by the Terran Incursion is teeming with hyper-evolved magical monsters and the last reaches of the Anathema. Mankind struggles to reform society as new countries must be formed to replace the ones that fell under the incursion, and to understand the new-found powers of human sorcery as more and more humans are being born with magical powers.

The Revolution Era Edit

After year 72, the world's new superpowers have been established and society has been reformed in most parts of the world. The revolution era follows the events leading up to and during World War III. The four main superpower countries, KronyxiaKisariaEternia and The Vale all undergo civil wars and revolutions over the fate of magic and sorcery.


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The heart of the Universe. In humans, magic comes in two forms, Paradigms and Paragons. With few exceptions, each sorcerer is born with one of each and they cannot be changed.

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Elemental, Ethereal, Force and Sentient, the Magical Paradigms make up the basis of human sorcery, determining what (if any) powers one is capable of possessing, from flight to lightning spells to invisibility.

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A sorcerer's Magical Paragon is a single, unique power independent from their Paradigm. It is believed by many that the special power granted by one's Paragon ties into what that person was meant to do with their life. 

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The extraterrestrial race that ruled Earth during the Incursion Era.

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Parasympathetic magic causing changes in the genetic structure of individual humans.

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