Hikaru Kotakunoaru
the Skybreaker
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Male
Age 21
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark blue
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Force
Paragon "Force Glyphs"
Professional Status
Faction Terran Defense Coalition
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) Assault Rifles
Special/Unique Weapon(s) None
Melee Weapon(s) Claymore
Universe Information
Character ID #029
Creator Hikaru Kotakunoaru

Hikaru is the second sorcerer in recorded history. His ability to fly paired with his adventurous spirit and subtly wise mind destined him for battle alongside Kisaris and the other sorcerers. His paragon allows him to create glyphs made of magical light that behave as launchpads on his daring assaults through Earth’s Anatheman-ruled skies, earning him his title “Skybreaker”.

Background Edit

Hikaru was born with an adventurous spirit and a surprisingly wise mind; between those two traits nobody ever had much luck telling what he would do or say next. From a young age he dreamed of the open air and sunshine of the overworld, and the ability to explore it freely. He lead a slightly average life in the American underground, surviving amongst his family until he discovered his flight powers, when his adventurous and heroic spirit was allowed to shine. Anyone who saw Hikaru fly marveled in his ability, giving them hope for humanity’s future. Hikaru’s interests in journeying the overworld flourished, and once other sorcerers began to appear in the world, his dreams would be realized through his alliance with Kisaris Amaranth.

Force Glyphs Edit

"Force Glyphs" is Hikaru's paragon, an ability that allows him to create ethereal runes or "glyphs" almost anywhere. Hikaru can generate force from his glyphs to change the velocity of anything around them, often using them as magical launchpads to kickstart or rapidly change the direction of his flight.

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