Founded 31 years after the the Terran Incursion, Kisaria is the most technologically advanced country on Earth. The majority of their armed forces are unmanned droids and drones, making them a mobile, numerous and almost flawless opposition. The country is named after the legendary hero Kisaris Amaranth, standing for order, perfection and knowledge. Kisarian morals see magic and sorcery as an incredibly dangerous art, some fearing that it will destroy the world if not closely monitored and carefully trained.

The Eternian Federation Edit

Several years ago, Kisaria invaded Eternia in the interests of both being able to monitor their advancements in magical science and control their natural and anathemine resources to produce more drones to conquer The Anarchial Chapters. Rather than a full-on conquest, they pressured the Eternians into a treaty that would grant Kisaria just that, by reforming the Eternian government and colonizing the country instead, making it subject to most of Kisaria's law on sorcerer and PAD reform. This new Eternia would since be known as The Eternian Federation At the time they considered a similar course of action against the newly-formed Kronyxian Alliance, but ultimately decided they weren't a threat to their progress.

The Anarchial Chapters Edit

Kisaria's sights have been on the The Chapters since its founding. With a mindset of a manifest destiny, its leaders want to civilize the land so its volatile inhabitants and untamed wilderness can be controlled and no longer a threat to its citizens. They are deterred in this endeavor primarily by The Deathwatch Legion, the most prominent and militarized Anarchist Chapter

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