Kisaris Amaranth
the Arcane Sage
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Male
Age 23
Hair Color Amaranth
Eye Color Golden
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Elemental
Paragon "The Arcane Lexicon"
Professional Status
Faction Terran Defense Coalition
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) Assault rifles/Explosive weapons
Special/Unique Weapon(s) none
Melee Weapon(s) Combat knife
Universe Information
Character ID #024
Creator ERG Sunshine

Kisaris Amaranth is the leader of the Terran Defense Coalition's first sorcerer division. With his elemental powers he fights for the survival of man against the Anathema and the Inquisition. He also seeks to understand sorcery and its mysteries through the Arcane Lexicon and his quests with the other five sorcerers.

Background Edit

Kisaris was raised in a region of the underground protected more by faith than strength. When word spread about Eldruin Falcon and then Hikaru Kotakunoaru gaining supernatural powers, more hands were raised in fury than hope. Those around him believed that sorcerers weren't human, but Anatheman spawns. When he discovered his own powers, during his teenage years, Kisaris sought protection from the first inquisition through the Terran Defense Coalition. Seeing the advantage that sorcerers gave humanity on the battlefield, they allowed him refuge in their headquarters, where he often isolated himself to his research and self-education about his powers. With more sorcers coming to power, eventually he was granted permission to call them all to the headquarters via transmission to take back the sector of the overworld above the headquarters and begin an offensive against the Anathema, known as "Operation Lodestar".

"The Arcane Lexicon" Edit

The UAE's HQ was in the remains of a university that had fallen into a cavern during the first Anatheman attacks. Kisaris spent most of his time in the university's library, either practicing his own powers or learning about whatever interested him.

During his studies, one of the books he found was completely empty, cover to cover. Kisaris set the book down and decided to practice his elemental powers, however whenever he cast a spell, he noticed that the book would glow, and the next time he opened it, the first few pages were bright with arcane symbols that he couldn't understand, though he knew that these would be key to understanding his powers. Whenever he discovered a new spell, it would appear in the lexicon. writing itself.

Kisaris Amaranth was created by ERG Sunshine.

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