Completely independent from Magical Paradigms, Magical Paragons are singular, often unique powers said to be possessed by every human on Earth. Most humans discover their paragon in their teenage years, and it is believed by many that the special power granted by it ties into what that person was meant to do with their life. In some people, they seem to be created during situations where the person is likely to have not survived without its emergence. Very few situations can change a person's paragon, as it is a trait determined by the soul itself and cannot be changed by normal means. Most are only born with one of these special powers, but others are born with two or more. Not all paradigms are magical. Some silently enhance common human traits such as cognition, dexterity, and coordination.

Callisto Sunshine is an example of a human with two paragons.

Paragon Emblems Edit

In humans, magical paragons can be identified by their paragon emblem, which is a distinct symbol formed at the site of the paragon spell being cast, akin to runes in traditional fantasy magic. Emblems are unique to each paragon and only appear when paragons are activated. A person's paragon emblem can be found in many places, but most commonly in their eyes, on their hands, or beneath their feet when they activate their paragon.

Nova Sunshine's Emblem

Nova Sunshine's paragon emblem.


Callisto Sunshine's paragon emblem.

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