Miranda Stardust
the Silver Flare
Universe Era
The New Frontier
Physical characteristics
Gender Female
Age 27
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Blue
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Sentient
Paragon "Elemental Contingence"
Professional Status
Faction Whitelight Corporation
Rank Captain
Primary Weapon(s) Submachine Guns
Special/Unique Weapon(s) XM-137 Starfire
Melee Weapon(s) Anathemine Combat Knife
Universe Information
Character ID #035
Creator ERG Sunshine

Miranda is a Whitelight Military Officer, serving as a reconnaissance director and strike team captain in the organization's efforts against Blackout.

Elemental Contingence Edit

Miranda's paragon grants her the powers of an elemental sorceress with one major caveat: She can only cast spells on targets in direct contact with herself. As a tradeoff, her magic tends to be more powerful. Most notably, Miranda uses this ability to cast silver spirit spells on herself, allowing her to sustain otherwise devastating attacks.

XM-137 Starfire Edit

The XM-137 is Miranda's special anathemine pistol designed by Lucreas. Its design makes use of blank anathemine cartridges, which Miranda energizes using Elemental Contingence, allowing her to use magical abilities at range.

Her title, Silver Flare, comes from a technique where she fires silver spirit rounds at her enemies, detonating them mid-air to create an aura barrier that impairs vision and enemy attacks, as well as making their position more apparent to allies.

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