Octavia Raine
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Dark grey
Eye Color Silver
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Sentient
Paragon "Silhouette Pulse"
Professional Status
Faction The Kronyxian Royal Guard
Rank Captain
Primary Weapon(s) DMRs/Sniper Rifles/Handguns
Special/Unique Weapon(s) Incursion-era experimental railgun
Melee Weapon(s) Combat knife
Universe Information
Character ID Undefined
Creator Unknown

Octavia Raine is a support sniper in the Kronyxian Royal Guard. She aspires to be a hero, abandoning her aristocratic lifestyle to aid Kronyxia's efforts against Zavorex's uprising. She is married to Camoflash Raine and has a very strong friendship with Recon Storhm after he saved her life during their first battle.

Silhouette Pulse Edit

Octavia's paragon is a clairvoyance spell that lets her detect living beings around her. The range of the spell varies based upon how much energy she uses, with extreme casts being able to detect life up to about 400 meters away. While the spell is active, Octavia's eyes glow blue rather than silver. Only Octavia herself experiences any of Silhouette Pulse's effects.

Through her eyes, the spell sends out a pulse of dark energy that illuminates any living body it touches based on their life force and their distance from Octavia, with healthy or close targets appearing blue, and distant or dying ones only a faint gray color. For the next few seconds, Octavia can see these magical silhouettes regardless of what is between them.

Octavia Raine was created by ERG Sunshine and ERG Snowstorrm.

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