Schnee Grimoire
the Planeswalker
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Male
Age 22
Hair Color White
Eye Color Blue-green
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Ethereal
Paragon "Planeswalker Vision"
Professional Status
Faction Terran Defense Coalition
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) Assault Rifles/Sniper Rifles
Special/Unique Weapon(s) None
Melee Weapon(s) Twin Swords
Universe Information
Character ID #048
Creator ERG Grimoire

Schnee Grimoire is an ethereal sorcerer, one of the six sorcerers allied with Kisaris Amaranth, and regarded as the first sorcerer on Earth. His paragon, "Planeswalker Vision", is an alternate form of vision which makes his eyes glow red, and enables him to see the status of other beings souls to a degree.

Background Edit

Most say that Schnee Grimoire was the first recorded sorcerer. He was raised by a family of hunters in a small redoubt in the remnants of western Germany. The Grimoire family were the head of the redoubt protectors, overseeing their surroundings from the fortress’s tower, and being first-call in most situations to leave the redoubt. By the time Schnee was a teenager, hunting and looking out for the rest of the redoubt was his life, primarily going on missions with his father or uncle. Schnee’s discovery of his ethereal powers came at the cost of his family’s lives. Hellish visions clouded his sight, and without proper control of his soul, caused him to percieve all of his friends as threats. His powers tore through the unprepared civilians easily, before he could realize what he was doing. When his vision returned to normal the entirety of the redoubt’s residents lie dead before him. There were no survivors. He’d stay in the redoubt and learn to control his ethereal powers, questioning his own humanity until the day Kisaris’ call to arms sounded over the fortress’s intercoms years later, confirming that more sorcerers existed. Only then did he leave in the hopes of saving Earth as retribution for the slaughter of his family and friends.

Planeswalker Vision Edit

Planeswalker Vision is a power unique to Schnee. Since its discovery during his rampage through Grimoire Redoubt, he has discovered that his supernatural form of sight less of a curse than it was a gift alongside his ethereal powers. Upon activation his eyes change from their normal color to a crimson red and everything he sees becomes dark shades of the same color, all except for masses of glowing black or white energy within any living creature he looks at; their souls. With this power, Schnee can see the magical composition of anyone's soul, whether it is dark, light, or both, like in sorcerers.

Schnee Grimoire was created by ERG QueckSilber

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