Talaya Moonlight
Talaya Moonlight with a conjured shield of ice crystals.
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Female
Age 17
Hair Color Bright blue
Eye Color Silver
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Elemental
Paragon "Serenity"
Professional Status
Faction United Earth Army
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) Submachine guns/Handguns
Special/Unique Weapon(s) None
Melee Weapon(s) Scimitar
Universe Information
Character ID #052
Creator ERG Mizuki

Talaya Moonlight is the youngest of Kisaris Amaranth's first six sorcerers. She is highly adept in frost magic, and plays a supportive and defensive role on the battlefield against the Anathema and the Inquisition. She looks up to Schnee Grimoire for his bravery and nobility, considering him her closest friend.

Background Edit

Talaya grew up in the same region as Eldruin, the heart of the Terran Defense Coalition. She lived with her nuclear family in the underground as peacefully as she could until she discovered her magical powers accidentally, casting a shard of ice that nearly impaled her mother and father. Talaya ran when the UAE came to her home shortly afterward, using what she quickly learned about her frost powers to evade all pursuers except for Eldruin, who she persuaded to accompany her to Kisaris location rather than turning her in to the UAE. She knew that she would have to fight the Anathema, but she couldn't trust anybody but other sorcerers.

Serenity Edit

With guidance from her leader Kisaris, Talaya discovered her paragon, a unique frost spell that can only be cast within direct contact with another creature. Once cast it quickly spreads through the target's body and sedates them, putting the target to sleep more often than not. She uses this ability to help the wounded keep calm, or sometimes put them to a peaceful final rest.

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