The Terran Defense Coalition (TDC) is a decentralized, extranational human military force whose only purpose is to forsee humanity's survival through the Terran Incursion. As the largest human military in recorded history, they wage war with the Anathema in the defense of mankind and planet Earth.

The TDC is lead by no singular person, bears and protects no ideals, and waves no flag. The closest the force gets to an acting leader is the collective of approximately sixty (60) generals, many of which used to be leaders of pre-Incursion world countries such as France or Japan. The only concrete ethnical trait enforced in TDC soldiers is communication via the English language whenever and wherever possible.

The organization of the coalition is primitive. With only nine designated personnel ranks designed to simplify command chains amongst hundreds of millions of soldiers. TDC fighting forces can mobilize and re-organize themselves on the fly in situations ranging from loss of contact to commander killed in action. 

Ranks of the Terran Defense CoalitionEdit

Due to lack of steps in the command ladder, many ranks in the TDC are held responsible for much more than their corresponding rank in other human militaries.

  1. Recruit - Soldiers in training. Also used as an impromptu rank for untrained, yet armed civilians.
  2. Private - Enlisted soldiers.
  3. Specialist - Rank given to trained, non-combat personnel such as field researchers, scientists and engineers. Also used as an impromptu rank for organized or experienced allied civilian militia. The rank of specialist was also given to all sorcerers during and after Operation Lodestar.
  4. Corporal - One step above, often acting as squad or platoon leaders.
  5. Sergeant - Platoon and company leaders.
  6. Captain - Batallion leaders.
  7. Lieutenant - Leaders of armies ranging from 5,000 to 20,000 total soldiers.
  8. Major - Leaders of armies ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 soldiers.
  9. General - Leaders of armies ranging from 5,000,000 to 50,000,000 soldiers.
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