Trista Avidity
the Incandescent
Trista Avidity
Tristana Avidity by ERG Sunshine
Universe Era
Physical characteristics
Gender Female
Age 19
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Magical Attributes
Paradigm Ethereal
Paragon "Shadow Spark"
Professional Status
Faction Terran Defense Coalition
Rank Specialist
Primary Weapon(s) DMRs/Handguns
Special/Unique Weapon(s) Prototype railgun
Melee Weapon(s) Falcion
Universe Information
Character ID #025
Creator ERG Sunshine

Trista Avidity is the sixth sorceress allied with Kisaris Amaranth. She is an ethereal sorceress with an incredibly strong will and faith in her beliefs and the good in others. Her blindly optimistic attitude and heroism alongside her powers and paragon "Shadow Spark" granted her the legendary title of "the Incandescent."

Background Edit

Tristana Avidity was born and raised in the underground beneath the remnants of what was once the United Kingdom with her mother, father and brother. Trista's father was a very strong and courageous figure in her early life. Being a soldier in the fight against the Anathema, his ideals of bravery, faith and honor stuck with her even after his death when she was fourteen. When Trista discovered her ethereal powers some years later she was able to hide them well enough for nobody to know about them but herself. She would learn to control them in secret as often as she could with full intentions of one day using her abilities to fight the Anathema, she only hid her powers because there was no telling how anyone would react to them. Once she was an adult, and Kisaris' call to all sorcerers made its way across the world Trista's ethereal powers aided in her disappearance from her home and travels to the Lodestar, where she vowed to fearlessly carry on her father's legacy as one of humanity's magical saviors.

"Shadow Spark" Edit

Trista's greatest ability is her paragon, known as Shadow Spark. Trista can draw a line of shadows across a target, then focus her energy to rapidly superheat and expand the line in a brilliant incandescent flash that vaporizes everything it touches. Shadow Spark is very taxing on Trista's magical energy levels, and is only cast when necessary, else she could easily drain her soul, causing magical stasis or death.

Trista Avidity was created by ERG Sunshine.

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